Policy Module mode helps users define and implement policies and benefits for employees.

- Establish flexible policies took effect, cycle count (by date, by time period such as week, month, quarter, year, etc.).
- Establish the conditions and policy beneficiaries: by department, position, job, work status, seniority, discipline violations, foreign language skills, sex, with young children, etc.
- Support formula for calculation of grants awarded.
- Calculating automatic, direct policies to all employees.
- Query and monitor the effects of each employee policies.
- Management of a loan agreement under loan staff. Supports querying the loan contract, professional staff assigned to other creditors and track billing information of each loan contract employees.
- Linked Wage module to transfer the results of policies on earnings for each employee. The loan is payable monthly wages deducted when calculating wages.

Some examples of applications for these policies in practice mode

- Subsidies job location.
- Subsidies skills.
- Subsidies language.
- Emergency Assistance.
- Subsidies drinks.
- Subsidies birthday.
- Mid-shift meal allowance
- Overtime allowance for food
- Subsidies night.
- Welfare funeral.
- Welfare weddings.
- Special Benefit (long hospital stays, serious illness, etc.).
- Severance allowance.
- Retrenchment benefits.
- Tuition subsidy.
- Subsidies young children.
- Transportation allowance.
- Subsidies rent.
- Subsidies your license.
- Subsidies experience.
- Money first lucky.
- Telephone Allowance.
- Per diem.
- Subsidies companies festival.
- Subsidies holiday bonus.
- Subsidies working holidays (holidays).
- Cash taxi.
- Subsidies to visit.
- Year Grant

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