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ERP software is a tool to serve the management and administration of the business venture is nghiep.Hoat continuous operation and trien.Do Thus, the maintenance service is an integral part of LEMON3-ERP application
  • Support customers get the most out of the features and benefits of LEMON3-ERP

In the process of using LEMON3-ERP, normal business will gradually get more features on the principle of low to high.
  • Upgrade to a new version of the program LEMON3-ERP

LEMON3-ERP usually around 6 months, DIGINET will have a new version, in order to meet the new needs of customers in the management needs, as well as new technologies.
  • Update of changes in accounting standards of the Ministry of Finance

The change of the Finance Ministry on Forms and documents, as well as the accounting system, as well as the tax regime for Business will be updated in time in the programs at the customer is using LEMON3 -ERP, ensure software always meets precisely the mode and the Ministry of Finance on accounting and taxes.
  • Set or customer support governance reports

Governance needs of the enterprise managers are always changing from time to time, so to meet the reporting for administrators, DIGINET continuous support construction enterprise governance indicators and in particular by the management reports
  • Operating Instructions LEMON3-ERP

In the extraction process served LEMON3-ERP business management needs, advisors DIGINET continue offering additional solutions and training for employees of mining customers increasingly more efficient LEMON3-ERP
Moreover, in the course of business activity, the inevitable change of personnel, to avoid new operational personnel and operators are LEMON3-ERP, support DIGINET Operating Instructions LEMON3-ERP for new employees.
  • Fix

In the process of using the software, the error arises is inevitable due to many different causes. Therefore DIGINET always maintained a staff of customer service to handle and troubleshoot.
  • Advice hardware configuration
LEMON3-ERP to operate effectively, the computer hardware and network is an indispensable factor. Hence consultant team of consultants will continuously DIGINET customers on hardware configurations, as well as computer networks and optimize appropriate investment in hardware, as well as a compatible network.

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