Consulting services deployment

Consulting services and software deployment
The importance of implementation consultants
On the market there are several types of software you buy for just install and read the documentation that can be used immediately. LEMON3-ERP software group. First, LEMON3-ERP is a system of in-depth programs business, should have the consultant knowledgeable LEMON3-ERP to thoroughly consulting and technical transfer for administrators and staff members of client partners. In addition, the system of corporate governance, as a backbone for business process and decision support, is a vast field, concerned many areas of knowledge of accounting , taxation, production, import, export, human resources, salaries etc. Only when there is a harmonious combination between software, hardware and professional technical support, the success of new projects.
Our team of professional consultants
To achieve the goal of providing a professional technical service quality, over the years DIGINET has built a team of qualified counselors. Experts are people with many years of experience, has a broad knowledge of many aspects of financial management and corporate governance, willing to share with the business.
Process consulting professional deployment
To successfully deploy ERP LEMON3-time provisions of the contract, DIGINET painstakingly built a consulting process to deploy highly professional standards high, uniformly applied to all projects LEMON3-ERP. The system includes specific steps, brochure LEMON3-ERP DIGINET Corporation, stretched across the face surveys, consulting, planning, system construction, training, commissioning, acceptance and assigned.
Consultation document
In the process of consulting and implementation, the consultants will help businesses build kit solution. These documents reflect the particular business enterprise. Enterprises can use document solutions to standardize operating procedures of the department or to internal training.
Technical support and network hardware
LEMON3-ERP requires a computer system installed in accordance with the technical standards. To LEMON3-run stable ERP, network cabling, network equipment, servers, workstations must meet certain requirements. With experience in this area, DIGINET can advise and direct support to customers.

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